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4 Lenses + 1 Frame

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Brimz Clip and Flip Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses that attach to sports caps & visors

Flip them down when you need them and flip them up when you don’t.

Golfing, fishing, boating, playing ball, or doing any non-contact outdoor activity, if you wear a sports cap or visor, then these are without a doubt, the most unique, comfortable, and innovative pair of clip-on, flip-up sports sunglasses you will ever own!  



Is sun glare killing you?

• Are you tired of losing your sunglasses?

• How many pairs of broken sunglasses this year?

Day time activities is the sun your worst enemy?

• Tired of sunglasses sliding down your nose?

• Do you wear a sport cap?



Then it’s time you buy BRIMZ Clip And Flip Eyewear! 

No more lost ...
     or broken sunglasses

Since they are attached to your cap or visor, you will always know where they are! 

Polycarbonate lenses
     100% UV protection

Scratch & shatter resistant, they are virtually indestructible. They fit over most prescription glasses.

Stylish design
Comfort & convenience

What more could you possibly want in sports sunglasses? Different colors and lenses? We have both!

No more pressure ...
     to the ears or nose

Because there are no ear pieces to adjust and the glasses don’t touch your face, they adjust to it!